Restaurant Damajuana is truly one of Blanes’ ‘hidden secrets.’

As so often is the case when you’re staying in a tourist resort town, if you want to eat good food at a decent price you’ve got to find out where the locals eat.

More often than not, that means looking beyond the seaside promenade, and venturing into the old village.

Italian-Argentinian Restaurant Damajuana in Blanes

Restaurant Damajuana, for instance, is tucked away in a narrow side-street in the center of town — just off the main boulevard along the beach. [Don’t worry: it’s easy to find]

Plenty of people know how to find their way here, though.

Many long-time tourists seek it out — time and again. For others it’s a serendipitous find.

Among the locals the restaurant — which serves both classic, homemade Italian dishes and sumptuous Argentinian-style grilled meats —  has become a favorite destination.

Founded and hosted by food lovers

Damajuana was founded in 2003 by Patricio, Elisabeth and their sons.

Having moved to Catalonia, they wanted to share our culinary knowledge of, and passion for, rioplatenses — the wonderful dishes typical of the Río de la Plata basin of Argentina and their native Uruguay.  And why not combine that with their love of fine Italian food?

The restaurant was set up with some important values in mind:

  • The food served is always truly home-made. The sauces, the pastas, the empanadas, and so on — they’re all made from scratch, on the premises.
  • The vegetables are bought daily at the local market.
  • Italian-Argentinian restaurant Damajuana

  • The atmosphere in the restaurant is classy, but casual.
  • Good food goes hand-in-hand with good, friendly service.
  • Have a range of quality wines on hand.
  • Fine dining does not have to be expensive.


Restaurant Damajuana’s specialties include:

  • grilled meats, such as
    • Chorizo Criollo (served with our acclaimed chimichurri saus)
    • Steak
    • Sweetbread
    • Pork ribs
    • Chicken stuffed with bacon and dates
    • and more …
  • Home-made empanadas
  • Stuffed pastas, such as our home-made Sorrentinos:
    • Mushrooms of the forest
    • Feta cheese, dates and port
    • Nuts, pumpkin and cheese
    • Grilled vegatables and cheese
    • Manchego cheese and Iberian ham
  • Home-made raviolis, with meat, spinach or four cheeses.

We should also mention our homemade deserts, including ‘Dulce de Leche’ ice cream, Creme Catalan, and crêpes.

We’re sure you’ll be back for more!

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