When you live or vacation in the popular Costa Brava beach resort town of Blanes you’re never far away from good food.  

You’ve got plenty of choice: Authentic Spanish and Catalan dishes are served at most restaurants.  Tapas, sangria, fresh fish, calamares a la romano… you name it, Blanes has got it.

But from time to time you want a change of pace — a taste of home, or a dish you remember from a vacation in another country.

damajuanaWhen it comes to Italian food, many of the locals head for Restaurant Damajuana.

Lots of tourists and regular Blanes visitors have also found the way to our door.

Our family-owned restaurant has gained a reputation for its Italian dishes.  

Small wonder.  Our pastas and sauces are created on the premises — using fresh ingredients and time-tested recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation.

We think you’ll agree that nothing beats to the taste of honest, home-made food.

Incidentally, we use locally-sourced meats and produce.

Blanes’ daily fresh fruit- and vegetables market is virtually around the corner, and we shop there every day to get top-quality ingredients.

Speaking about meat: our family has an Argentinian background, which goes a long way toward explaining why our grilled meats are so popular.


Hidden Treasure

Though Damajuana is located close to the beach, in the old part of town, our restaurant is often referred to as a ‘hidden treasure.’

As you know, there are plenty of eateries, snack bars, and restaurants along the main promenade.   Some are good.  Some are excellent.  And some are better when they’re closed.

Damajuana, however, is located in a small side-street, just off the promenade.

We’ve got a beautiful, cozy restaurant (air-conditioned), without having to pay sky-high rent.  That allows us to prepare and serve high-quality food at reasonable prices.

Sardana, Blanes Though our restaurant is ‘hidden,’ it’s easy to find.

When you’re walking along the boulevard in the direction of the harbor, and with the beach and the sea on your right-hand side, you cannot miss the stage next to the statue of the Sardana dancers.

At the stage, turn left and cross the street.

Then turn right and, after 50 meters, turn left into Carrer Camadasa. [Map]


Where and When the Locals Eat

By the way, a good rule of thumb is to watch where the locals eat.  They know their way around town, and they certainly know where to get the best food at decent prices.

It is also a good idea to note when the locals eat.  In general, they enjoy their meals a little later than most tourists are used to.  Many restaurants and tapas bars have cooks on duty only during the hours when the locals prefer to eat.

That’s when you get the best, freshly prepared food.

We’d love to welcome you to our restaurant.  Tonight, perhaps?